Higher Diploma in Counselling & Psychology

Level 5
2023 Intake
On Campus, Online

The goal of the Higher Diploma in Counselling and Psychology is to provide learners with the fundamental knowledge, understanding, and skills needed for a career within the field of psychology and learners will gain the skills to support a career in psychology and counselling or to continue their education.

CCHE Higher Diploma in Counselling and Psychology (Level 05) is a 240 credit qualification and provides a wide range of knowledge related to the field of Psychology that are delivered to students in order for them to gain exposure to real-world scenarios, which will be a great direction for students to choose their respective field and become an expert in it.

Specialization – What you learn
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the foundational concepts, theories, and principles of psychology and counselling.
  • Apply ethical and professional practices in counseling and psychology, including condentiality, informed consent, and boundaries.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the assessment and diagnostic processes in counselling and psychology, and the ability to use different assessment tools.
  • Use effective communication and interpersonal skills with clients, colleagues, and other professionals in a range of settings.
  • Implement counselling and psychotherapeutic interventions that are appropriate for different types of clients and issues, and evaluate their effectiveness.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the different types of research methods used in psychology and counselling, and the ability to use evidence-based practices.
  • Understand the impact of cultural and diversity factors in counselling and psychology practice, and demonstrate sensitivity to cultural differences.
  • Apply counselling and psychology principles to promote health and well-being, prevent and treat mental health disorders, and manage crises and trauma.
Module Name Credits
Introduction to Psychology 15
Developmental Psychology 15
Abnormal Psychology 15
Cognitive Psychology 15
Social Psychology 15
Biological Psychology 15
Personality Psychology 15
Research Methods in Psychology 15
Psychopathology 15
Psychotherapy Theories & Techniques 15
Group and Family Therapy 15
Addictions Counselling 15
Multicultural Counselling 15
Trauma and Crisis Intervention 15
Ethical and Professional Issues in Counselling 15
Counselling Practicum and Internship 15

Successful completion of the Higher Diploma in Counselling Psychology may qualify graduates to pursue further studies or certification in counseling or related fields.